Leopard Magazine Issue Three

A magazine for kids aged 4 – 9 with lots of fun activities, crafts and stories, plus strong female role models and much more! No ads or plastic. Issue 3 of Leopard Magazine includes:

- Posters to keep
- Twig Art
- Postal Art with Secret Codes!
- Friendship Bracelets
- Working at the V&A Museum of Childhood
- Owls
- Colouring - In
- Beavers
- Clubs
- New Bridgette and Lexie story
Plus much, much more!

A BIG mix of fun and inspiring content. There’s so much in the world that is bright and exciting, so much that is quiet and magical, so much to enjoy now and in the future! Kids are smart and kind, plus they have the BEST ideas, Leopard is there to support that and cheer on. ROAR!

Edited by Helen Martin
Cover by Lee Foster-Wilson of Bonbi Forest
Design by Esther Curtis

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