Do Photo

  • This isn’t a book about how to take the best pictures. It's not even about the technical aspects of photography or how to ‘make it’ as a photographer. In fact, it argues that you should take fewer photographs. By sharing 10 practices honed over a lifetime spent behind the lens working with clients such as Adidas, Levi Strauss and Apple, photographer Andrew Paynter encourages you to develop a more considered approach to photography so that you craft pictures with care.

    - 120 page paperback
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    Do Photo teaches novice, intermediate and advanced photographers – and everyone in between – how to use their cameras to really connect with subjects, create memorable and more impactful photographs, and to enjoy the process along the way. 

  • About the Author - Andrew Paynter is a photographer and director based in Oakland, California, who is interested in exploring character and the creative process. His clients include Adidas, Levi Strauss, Converse, Apple, and Rolling Stone. He has also embarked on several long-term photographic collaborations including decade-long projects with Hiut Denim and artist Geoff McFetridge, bands Tortoise and The Mattson 2, and his personal series Working Artists. His work appears in Do Purpose and Do Open, both by David Hieatt and published by Do Books

    The Do Book Company is an independent publishing house based in Shoreditch, London, producing inspirational guidebooks. 

    Each book is fairly short, about 100 pages, as it focuses on the ‘doing’ rather than the background theory. Concise, practical, visually striking guides that make it easier to Do stuff.

    Each book is written by speakers from the Do Lectures, an annual event held in West Wales and California, whose ideas have inspired others to go and Do. Their aim is to recreate that same positive change in book form – whether that’s the mastery of a new skill or craft, a simple mind-shift, or a shot of inspiration to help you get started. 

    They hope you like their books and find them useful - keep reading and doing!

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