Raw Natural Honey

  • A selection of jewel-like jars of honey from all around the world, including France, Hungary Spain and the UK. Brought to you by a small family business that specialises in producing raw, natural and unprocessed honey in an ethical way. Simply put, they care about bees and their well-being and the proof is in the jar, happy bees make the best honey. Choose your new favourite from the drop-down menu.

    - Sustainably handmade in the UK in small batches
    - 227g Jars

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    - Support the bees - they are our friends!
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    - Please note: We do not ship Honey or Chocolate outside of the UK

    NOTE: The health benefits of pure, raw and unheated honey have long been recognized by communities all over the world. It will naturally crystallise over time with no effect on the honey other than colour and texture, and this crystallisation actually preserves its flavour and characteristics!

  • Acacia Honey with Walnuts - From the forests of Hungary. Organic walnut halves are covered in raw acacia honey harvested from the abundant acacia forests of Northern Hungary. The taste: A very light golden colour, very nearly clear. It can be sweet, light and floral and a firm favourite with organic walnuts. Try this product with cheese (Vegan or dairy) for a real treat.

    Dark Mountain Honey
    - From the hidden valleys of Northern Spain. Harvested from the wildflowers and trees in the hidden valleys of the Pyrenees Mountains.
    The taste: An absolute delight! A beautiful tasting multiflora mountain honey, which has a deep and soothing creaminess. It has a gentle floral sweetness and hints of fruits and berries. It comes from bees feeding on the trees, bushes and plants in the Pyrenees Mountains.

    Provence Lavender Honey
    - Harvested from the provocative Provencial lavender fields of France. The taste: One of the finest jars of honey in the world. Runny in texture with a gentle opaque golden colour and an unbelievable scent. The lavender flavour gently cuts through the sweetness of the honey giving it a delicate floral background taste. From the fields to the hive to the jar. A must for the honey connoisseur.

    Wildflower Honey - From the North East of England, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. Harvested From specially selected bee hives in the North East of England. Working with nature we control the natural setting of this beautiful flower honey and make its consistency that of soft fudge. The taste: A great mix of clover, hedgerow, and trees. Can contain a mix of 4 months of flowers. This is ideal to spread on toast and a dollop in your morning porridge. All-round diverse honey.

    The Travelling Bee Company is a family-run business based in the UK that specialises in producing raw, natural and unprocessed honey in an ethical way. Simply put, they care about bees and their well-being and the proof is in the jar, because we believe that happy and healthy bees make the best honey.

    They first started beekeeping in the urban fringes of the counties of Tyne and Wear and Northumberland and then located hives in Scotland in the beautiful county of Argyll and Bute to take advantage of the natural, wild heather. As well as their own honey, they work with select beekeepers across the world that share the same values and showcase their honey. All of the bees are homed in quality hives in beautiful locations giving you the benefits of their skills in obtaining the highest quality natural nectar and pollen

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