Palo Santo Sacred Wood Bundle

  • Sweet and woody Palo Santo is traditionally used in shamanic rituals to relieve negative or stuck energy. An uplifting alternative to sage, it encourages clarity of thinking, a free and open mind and it smells amazing! We only supply and support Palo Santo wood which was harvested and cut by hand sustainably from a tree that died naturally, and a new tree was planted in its place. 

    - Sustainably harvested from naturally fallen 50-200 year old trees
    - Bundle of five aromatic Palo Santo sticks
    - No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume. 
    - Each stick is 10cm long approx
    - Never leave lit or burning incense/sage/palo santo unattended
    - See about tab for Palo Santo benefits and how to use

    Uplift your space, clear your mind and raise your frequency with the scent of these beautifully fragrant sacred sticks. Focus the presence in your space and let this grounding wood take you to new heights.

  • Palo santo ("holy wood") is a tree that inhabits Central and South America. The tree belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh. It is widely used in folk medicine by the indigenous shaman to cure many diseases; this is the reason why the Spanish settlers called the tree “Santo". Palo Santo is burned to cleanse and purify a space and to fill it with good energy.

    The mystical and sacred properties of Palo Santo are created through an alchemical process which begins as soon as the tree or branch dies only by natural causes. Then, it has to lay down for 10 more years before it is processed otherwise its medicinal, aromatic and healing properties aren't developed. 

    Palo Santo Benefits

    Palo santo, a fragrant incense found in South and Central America. Meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, it is said to possess spiritual powers. In addition to enjoying the sweet aroma it produces, some use it ceremonially to cleanse interior spaces of mala energía (bad energy) by burning small pieces and letting the smoke waft throughout the house.

    How to use Palo Santo
    Light the tip until it has caught the flame, then waft the flame out, like a usual incense stick and let it smoke as it gently burns down. Light it again if it goes out. Please be careful with fire and never leave a burning or smouldering Palo Santo stick alone.

    Place the lit stick as shown in the photos across the top of another piece of Palo Santo and not directly onto the dish to preserve the dish and only allow the ash to fall onto it.

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