Rustic Antique Rose Plant Pot

  • Sometimes, less is more - an elegant and understated pot that keeps the plant in primary focus. In 1960 Milan, when designer Ninetta Mariani created the "Julie' pot, she exclaimed, “I couldn’t add another thing to it!” This still stands today. The natural strength of these versatile pots means they can work both inside and out. Discovered on our Scandinavian travels, we love the delicately antique style of these beautiful plant pots.

    - Made in Italy, comes complete with matching saucer
    - View our inspiring Garden Collection
    - Safe for use indoors and outside 
    - Perfect for house, greenhouse and garden plants
    - Small: 12cm Diameter x 10cm Height
    - Medium: 14cm Diameter x 14cm Height

    If your plants could speak, they would tell you that there’s nothing better than a quality clay pot. Proper drainage gives their roots room to breathe, and the superior clay in these holds in the moisture they need.

  • Pottery Handmade with Love Since 1942 - Danish company Bergs Potter's pots are designed in Copenhagen and created with love in Tuscany. They take pride in the beauty and strength of their pots, made from premium clay. High-quality materials and craftsmanship mean the pots patinas will improve with age, and live on from one generation to the next.

    After 75 years, Bergs Potter’s wares are still created with love in Tuscany and their durability comes from high-temperature firings and a subtle silicone treatment—which means they are also completely waterproof.

    ‘Living is not enough! Sunshine, freedom and a little flower you must have!’
    – Hans Christian Andersen.

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