First Light Ceramic Tea Bowl

  • First Light, a ceramic collaboration created from the heart by Annemieke Boots in The Netherlands. Visually delicate in pale oatmeal cream, with small flecks that shimmer as light moves across them, evoking a feeling of stillness as you watch, lost in the moment. Thrown on the wheel from stoneware, a solid, grounding and tactile material. Perfect for holding that soothing cuppa with both hands, generously oversized for many uses, from frothy hot chocolate or like us as a small breakfast bowl and for overnight oats...

    - First Light Tea Bowl, Plate and Vase available
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    - Hand thrown in The Netherlands
    - Each piece is unique, showing the marks of the maker's process
    - Dimensions: H: 6.5cm x D: 12cm 

    Simplicity, I strive not for perfection, but for purity, a connection to the essence of the clay. My being, soul and feelings are within the ceramics I make - Annemieke

  • Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe, however, it is recommended that you hand wash with care

    Marks and differences in the glaze are a natural part of the unpredictable process of hand throwing and glazing. All this turns every product into something which is completely unique.

    Self-taught ceramic artist Annemieke's creations come from the heart, they occur from within. 'Firstly I create for myself but when others appreciate my work my happiness is complete. My being, my soul, my feelings are within the ceramics I make. The purpose of my ceramics is to increase the pleasure and taste of drinking and eating for others.

    Simplicity is the keyword. I do not strive to perfection but to purity, to the essence of the clay and myself.

    I feel very at home in the ‘slow movement’, conscious living and an appreciation for details; enjoying the small things in daily life. Ceramics is in a way a slow paced art. You can’t rush clay, it takes time and attention to shape it, dry it, fire it, glaze it, fire it some more and then finish it'.

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