Aurora Porcelain Tea Bowl I

  • Pale shades of cream, green and subtle brown with hints of a mother-of-pearl shell that shimmer in the sun. These delicate porcelain tea bowls are really something special, each one with a subtle difference and a character of its own. They have an irregular organic shape and fit in the hand beautifully.

    - Hand thrown in Hamburg, Germany
    - Each piece is unique, showing the marks of the maker's process
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    - Dimensions approx: 10cm  x 6.5cm 
    - Care: hand wash with care recommended

    Aurora the Latin word for dawn, the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology, Latin poetry, the beloved magical term for the green hues of Northern lights in the night sky and of course the best time to drink that needed cup of tea.

  • Hand thrown in a calm studio founded in 2014 by a maker Nata Pestune. The main focus of Nata's studio is to create simple and beautiful tableware for everyday use or special occasions out of natural materials, such as clay and porcelain. Every piece you see is created by hand, slowly, step by step, with a great attention to detail.

    Nata was born and raised in Latvia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. After studying and travelling in China and the UK, she settled in Hamburg, where the her studio was founded.

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