Fine Lambswool Mittens Midnight

  • Exceptionally soft knitted mittens to keep your hands perfectly warm during colder weather. Designed in a traditional fair isle pattern. Knitted in Midnight Blue, Orange and shades of Grey, these mitts will add a bright pop of colour to your outfit this season. Ideal for a chilly walk in the countryside or a cold cycle to work in the city.

    - Handmade in the UK
    - Available in Grey and Midnight Blue
    - See our full collection of Winter Accessories
    - Made in 100% Pure Lambs wool, spun and dyed in Scotland.
    - One size: 'Ladies fit' measuring 25cm from tip to cuff

    Mittens, often firmly favoured over Gloves keep your hands warmer than you'd think, with a smaller surface area exposed to the cold winter chill, your hands will stay nicely warm all season round. These mittens are tightly knitted in fine lambs wool, giving you a flexible fit that will allow you plenty of movement so you wont have to be hassled with removing them for every task!

  • Rose B. Brown is a luxury fashion and knitwear label, combining honest craft, contemporary design and the finest natural fibres. Each piece in the collection is designed in Rose's canal-side studio in London and scarves are also handmade in-house on domestic knitting machines. Every item in the collection is made in Great Britain, and hand finished with the greatest care.

    Care: Wash knitted items by hand in cold water using a specialist wool detergent. Never wash in the machine as this will almost surely lead to the item felting and shrinking.

    Lay the item flat out on a towel and press out any excess water. Do not put the item directly on the radiator to dry, first put a towel on and place your knitted item on the towel to let the heat pass through. Do not tumble dry. You can use the steam from the iron to smooth out any creases or press with the iron on a very low heat. 

    When storing your knitwear, make sure it is first clean, as this detracts moths. Lavender bags and cedar wood are also good at deterring those hungry wool lovers. 

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