Rosa Marble Bottle Vase

  • Contemporary style meets traditional materials in these beautiful, smooth  Rosa Marble Bottle vases. The hand-worked stone reveals a delicate pale pink colour with deeper hazelnut and soft grey veining. Hand-carved in North Yorkshire by sculptor Jennifer Tetlow.

    - Sizes and shapes vary slightly from piece to piece
    - Handmade in the UK
    - Each piece is unique, showing the marks of the maker's process
    - Round:  10.5cm  x 10cm x 3.5cm
    - Tall: 8.5cm x 14cm x 3.5cm 
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    - See about tab for care instructions

    Each hand carved vase is beautifully unique and there are subtle variations in the stone patination and shape. Round and tall styles include glass vial insert for fresh-cut buds and stems.

  • Approximate Dimensions -
    Mini 1 - 5cm W x 4cm H x 2cm D - Dry Stems only
    Mini 2 - 6cm W x 6cm H x 2cm D - Dry Stems only
    Mini 3 - 7.5cm W x 4cm H x 2cm D - Dry Stems only
    Round - 10.5cm W x 10cm H x 3.5cm D
    Tall - 8.5cm W x 14cm H x 3.5cm D

    Care: This fresh raw marble is sanded to a fine finish. It is a natural stone surface and responds to handling, taking up some of the natural oils in the skin. This may polish the marble slightly, the more it is handled, the greater the effect. This is a lovely and normal evolution of the vase. 

    Clean with mild eco-soap in warm water ad a soft brush, rinsing well. Staining may occur of splashed with coloured liquids, tea, red wine, etc. Rinse glass vial separately. 

    DO NOT use water directly in the vase as water can soak into the stone which may leave marks on furniture. Use glass vial for live stems.

    Mini versions are for dried stems only!

    Jennifer is a sculptor working in stone, carefully selecting blocks of sandstone and marble to take back to her studio and carve into vessels and ornaments.

    A primary inspiration for her sculpture is the wildlife surrounding her workshop, which nestles at the southern tip of the North York Moors National Park. Jennifer's sculpture creates a contemporary feel from traditional materials, following clean, simple lines and smooth, curvaceous surfaces.

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