Urban Jungle Book - Living and Styling with Plants

  • Urban Jungle is a book packed with green inspiration, plant styling ideas and handy plant information for all of you who want to bring more green into your homes and daily lives. Showcasing how beautiful, individual and creative green living can be, this book will take you on an inspirational voyage through five green homes across Europe (including our own!) Sit back and buckle up for a fantastic green journey!

    - UK version. All text in English
    - Styling ideas from international Urban Jungle Bloggers 
    - Easy to achieve plant goals

    - Plant profiles and simple plant care tips
    - 176 pages, 280 mm x 215 mm

    More than just a coffee table book that is nice to look at. This is also practical and helpful if you want to decorate your home with happy greens.

  • Written by Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff, founders of Urban Jungle Bloggers, with photography by Lina Skukauskė and illustrations by Saar Manche. Igor is a blogger, social media expert, loves plants and commutes between Munich and Paris. He shares his affection for the topics interior design, travelling and especially "living with plants" with his readers on his "Happy Interior Blog" and on the plant community "Urban Jungle Bloggers".

    Judith de Graaff is also a blogger, works as a graphic designer and loves plants just as much. She lives with her husband and her cats in a former factory building near Paris. Her own blog JOELIX.com is her playground where style, colours and plants meet. She is a steady companion for the plant- community "Urban Jungle Bloggers" and hopes to inspire others with her love for all things green.

Urban Jungle Book - Living and Styling with Plants has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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