Woad Dyed Linen and Cotton Scarf

  • A Paris discovery that stopped us in our tracks and filled our hearts and souls with blues in every shade from a pale summer sky to midnight in the deepest midwinter. These linen and cotton scarves are gently hand-dipped in the dye bowl up to six times to achieve the desired depth of blue, reviving artisan skills and the use of ancient plant dyes.

    - Hand-dyed in France 
    - Possible variation of colour due to the artisanal dyeing process
    - 51% Cotton 49% Linen (Portuguese made fabric) 
    - The fabric has a beautifully irregular aspect and a soft touch
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    Dimensions: approx 240cm X 65cm
    Care: Machine washable 30 ° Avoid softener and bleach.

    Born from the desire to collaborate with artisans to promote their know-how in the production of an ecological product with material traceability. The natural dyeing means the more you wash your product, the more its patina will express the beauty of the dye and the material.

  • Care: Machine washable 30 ° avoid softener and bleach, in general, these products can be washed and dried in the machine but the specific instructions are given for each item.

    It started in Toulouse, in the heart of the country of Cocagne, where a beautiful tint of blue, the European ancestor of indigo, was developed over 500 years ago. It is this blue from the pastel flower (also called Woad) that is in the heart of all Bleu De Cocagne's creations.

    Pastel is one of the oldest dyes, it was already used by the Celts who painted their faces in blue to frighten the romans. The Cocagne is the ball of pastel leaves (also called Woad) which gives this unique blue colour noble and natural, derived from techniques of ancestral dyes.

    In France, this culture and tradition of dyeing existed from the 11th century in the Amiens region. The legendary country of Cocagne and Toulouse is at the heart of European blue trade. however the arrival of indigo imported from India then industrial dyes were to almost eradicate the use of Woad.

    Today, in partnership with artisans based in Picardy, blue workshop of cocagne® is proud to reintroduce these unique shades of blue. Today Bleu De Cocagne collaborate with a craftswoman based in Picardy. This is where the "woad" (terms used in Picardy for pastel) is grown and where they carry out most of their dying.

    Natural matter, they carefully select natural materials of the highest quality for their products, linen is strongly present in the collections.

    Manufacturing - the products are created in France with a manufacturing policy to promote proximity in order to limit the carbon impact. With fabric mills based in Italy and Portugal.

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