Grey Ceramic Coffee Dripper

  • Sold out until Feb/March 2019
    Hand thrown ceramic coffee dripper, made in London. We are a little obsessed with simple, beautiful and functional ceramics, we fell in love with these pieces the moment we saw them, reinterpreting the simple, earthy and unconstrained style of traditional Korean pottery for a contemporary and modern sensibility, natural, simple and honest.

    - Available in Black and Grey
    - Matching mugs available in the full collection
    - 2 Cup 500ml ~ 750ml of final brew
    - Use with Kalita coffee brewing Wave Filters 185
    - Hand thrown in the UK showing the marks of the makers process
    - See this guide on how to make pour over coffee
    - Dimensions H: 8cm D: 11cm (approx) 

    Marks and differences in the glaze are a natural part of the unpredictable process of hand glazing. Each piece is unique. Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe, however, it is recommended that you hand wash with care. 

  • Based on Korean pottery from the late Chosun dynasty, which influenced Japanese handmade pottery. The beauty of the Chosun dynasty is described as an ‘unconstrained’ life style. As can be seen from the Korean ‘Moon Jar’, it is one that is asymmetrical, unplanned, natural, simple and honest.

    It was Eunmi’s experience of living in the multi-cultural environment of London that made her reflect on her own roots and her own culture. Her first influences came from her father, a landscape gardener, who revealed and explained the beauty of nature to her as a child growing up in the idyllic island of Jeju in South Korea. These early childhood experience stayed with her and led her to devote herself to the study of ceramics in Korea.

    After this, she worked as a ceramics designer at the Korea Ceramic Foundation where she was involved in the Korean Ceramic-ware Globalisation project, researching ceramic tableware brands around the world before coming to London to work as a freelance ceramicist.

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