Moon Organic Room Mist

  • **LAST ONE** Beautifully scented room mist made from all natural, organic ingredients. Created with witch hazel, rose geranium and sage essential oil, It's feminine, light and the infused with positive, natural energy. Perfect for providing an instant spritz of delicate fragrance, a clean and natural alternative for keeping your home fresh and it also makes a great travel companion!

    - Scent: Night Rose, Geranium & Sage
    - Made in London
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    - 60ml glass bottle 7cm tall 

    Stargazing at midnight amongst lush gardens, this fragrance is inspired by the nocturnal roses that bloom at night under the light of the moon.

  • Evermore is a natural home fragrance company specialising in small-batch candles and natural home fragrance. Simple and modern, their products are designed to suit all homes from the minimal to the bohemian.

    Crafted with care and honesty in their East London studio by founder, Sarah Bell, each mist is hand mixed and the candles are hand-poured using a sustainable soy and coconut wax blend. Using a mix of essential oils and toxin-free fragrances to create scents that evoke a sense of place + time.

    Honestly and ethically produced, focusing on sustainable and natural ingredients sourced from the UK, making a conscious effort to provide simple and honest fragrances for your home.

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