Celestial Incense Dish

  • Delicate and dreamlike, Celestial Incense Dish. These beautiful ceramic incense dishes are handmade and created by ceramic artist Elvis Robertson. The pale glazes vary from dish to dish and each magical one is unique, some with crystals that shimmer in the light, some with glassy depths in the bottom, and some with milky overlays. Tiny, special, treasures.

    - The markings, pattern, and tone of each piece are unique
    - Handmade in the UK showing the marks of the maker's process
    - The piece you receive may differ from the dish pictured
    - See about tab for individual sizings
    - Use with incense cones, Papier d’Arménie or Dome Incense Holder
    - Never leave lit or burning incense unattended

    Available in five different shapes, designed to be used with delicate Papier d’Arménie, incense cones or Japanese incense sticks. Also great for sweets, jewellery items, crystals, etc. 

  • Size guide (longest measurement)
    Oval - 7cm.
    Diamond 8cm.
    Large Oval 8.5cm.
    Round 7.5cm
    Leaf 11cm.

    All items are food safe it is recommended that you hand wash and dry with care. Food safe, but we always recommend hand washing with no strong detergents or abrasive materials.

    Previously a textile designer, making bespoke pieces that worked with the houses and the personalities of the families that commissioned them, Elvis
    by chance took a pottery class to give herself some time away from ‘work’ and shared her magically tactile pieces on Instagram, the work was so well received that it is now her full-time occupation.

    The pieces have organic shapes and echo colours and forms from nature with a quiet, but strong identity. Working with subtle changes in glazes and smoked pieces created with a primal and earthy process. Spending endless hours studying the smoke created by different materials, weather and timings.

    Elvis is interested in the strength that comes from the quietness of her work giving it a timeless feel. 'Working with fire is such a natural and elemental thing to do, it feels connected to history - a pure and exciting way to work. I relish having found my eye, feel and passion for ceramics.'

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