Ash Berry and Bilberry Leaf Candle

  • Hand-poured soy wax candle beautifully rustic and decorated with ash berries and bilberry leaves - the hidden gems of the Nordic forests scented with natural lavender. These beautiful candles we created by their makers on a simple and honest mission for folks to feel the warmth and joy emanating from their beautiful light.

    - 100% natural ingredients
    - Eco-Friendly
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    - Dimensions: 8cm D x 10cm H
    - Volume: 515ml Burn time: 50h
    - See about tab for safe burning tips

    Using only natural soy wax with lavender fragrance, the finest cotton wick and recyclable cardboard packaging. The candle burns to create a tunnel to illuminate the herbs.

  • Before first burning wick has to be cut to 1cm, once lit let candle burn until most of the surface is liquid. Cut the wick 1cm short before each burn. Burn the candle no longer than 3-4 hours at a time under supervision. Keep out of draft and reach of children.

    To give people back the power of nature, the source from which we all originate but have lost in modern times. To generate warmth and light which emanates from candles with stories.

    This was and still is the simple and honest mission with which Elina Cima created the Munio Candela studio and the first collection of candles in 2008.

    In Latin, Munio Candela means “the most spiritually powerful candle”. Every candle is carefully and lovingly made by hand using only 100% natural soy wax and fragrances. Northern nature is captured in Munio Candela candles nurtured by Latvian master craftsmen.

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