Another Escape Magazine Volume 13

  • The Belonging Volume takes a planetary perspective to reflect on the significance of our existence and that of the intricate network of ecosystems we inhabit. It explores how intimate knowledge of nature can enable us to feel at home outdoors, and how finding wonder in our everyday lives can profoundly impact our worldview. It listens to the voices of the younger generation and ruminates on the concept of intergenerational equity, and it hears stories of collective action to tackle some of today’s most pressing issues. It inspires us to humbly step back from our anthropogenic view on the world so we may find belonging in nature and come home to ourselves.

    Find Home Outdoors
    Bushcrafter and outdoorsman Padraig Croke discusses how intimate knowledge of nature and wilderness skills can open us up to new ways of thinking and feeling that can enable us to find belonging outdoors. 

    The Nature of Belonging
    In a changing world, is there the need to rethink the concept of “belonging” in nature? Are our current definitions of “native” and “invasive” sustainable, realistic or even correct?

    Cultivating Planetary Perspective
    Evaluating the importance of awe-inspiring experiences and planetary perspective in building a regenerative future for both people and the planet.

    Raised by the Forest
    Saga Mariah Sandberg grew up roaming the forests surrounding her family’s farm in Sweden. Her curious nature as a child is largely responsible for the remarkable works of art she produces today: authentic, beguiling, captivating beautifully curated celebrations of Sweden’s natural systems.

    Bara Vara
    The Swedish love for nature runs deep. Spending time outdoors is both culturally and personally important to many, enabling people to stay grounded and rooted in themselves. Nature is valued as a place to feel restored, reconnected and "bara vara" (just be) – a place to find "ro för själ och sinne" (calm for the mind and soul).

    Lend and Tend
    Fostering community and providing the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and learn new skills through garden sharing.

  • Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living publication based out of Bristol, UK. Another Escape aims to be a source of inspiration for those who seek an active and considered lifestyle, by encouraging an optimistic, forward-thinking and responsible mindset.

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