Damascus Steel English Elm Pocket Knife

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    We have collaborated with Micheal May to produce a limited collection of knives using English Elm from a local Sussex tree. 
    The Sheffield Damascus steel knife blade is given a wavy pattern by hammer-welding strips of steel and iron followed by repeated heating and forging in an ancient process to create a beautifully unique looking and stronger blade that will hold it’s edge for longer. A classic pocket knife crafted by Michael in his Sheffield workshop using the traditional techniques and patterns the city is famous for, each knife is an original from start to finish that will be with you for many years.

    - Handmade in Sheffield, UK by Michael May
    - English Elm handle exclusive to The Future Kept
    - Available with Carbon Steel or Sheffield Damascus blade
    - Fileworked Spring and Blade
    - 3" Sheffield Damascus Steel lambfoot blade (Legal UK Carry Limit)
    Must be able to verify you are 18 years of age or over to purchase

    Beautiful British made pocket knife with a history and a special connection. Michael creates unique and beautiful knives in his Sheffield workshop at Portland Works, a place where Harry Brearley developed stainless steel for the use of cutlery over 100 years ago, using the same machinery as used by the late Trevor Ablett who we were lucky enough to know.

  • Blade Length: 3" (UK Legal carry limit)
    Length of knife when folded: 90cm
    Blade Material: Sheffield Damascus Steel
    Blade Type: Lambfoot
    Handle Material: English Elm from sustainable sources 
    Care: Clean knife by applying an industrial lubricant or oil and scrubbing crevices with a toothbrush. Remember to keep your knife sharpened: a dull blade can be more dangerous than a properly maintained one. 

    'After leaving music college I was looking for work and as is traditional in the cutlery trade, I got a job in a cutlery factory as a result of a number of members of my family working there. After working in various departments I ended up in the pen and pocket workshop where I stayed for three years before leaving to study history at university. Two degrees later I was back making knives. Under Keith Moorby, I learned how to make knives to the highest standard, and it was then I realised that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Over the years, more and more people would ask me to make a knife for them as they were impressed at the high level of craftsmanship. I found a workshop for myself at the fantastic Portland Works, a place where Harry Brearley developed stainless steel for the use of cutlery over 100 years ago. It was not long after finding the workshop that Trevor Ablett had decided to sell off his equipment and retire due to illness. I was more than willing to buy it all from him and continue his work as he was such a well respected maker. Sadly, Trevor died not long after and Sheffield lost one it's characters. My own work continues the patterns that Trevor produced, as well as the traditional Sheffield patterns that the city is famous for. Each knife I make is crafted to the highest standard, and can quite literally be made with my blood, sweat, and tears! Since learning my trade, I feel a responsibility to continue with the skills and crafts that made Sheffield famous. I am a knife maker... I couldn't imagine doing anything else - Michael May 2016.'

    Once upon a time people would carry a knife, not for the fear of attack or to use as a weapon, but for the fear of being rendered useless by a simple piece of twine, a stick or a cardboard box. 
    Designed for serious outdoor folk but also suitable for weekend campers, or anyone looking for a simple every day carry knife, this multi-purpose knife folds compactly to travel with you. 

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