Ceylon Chai Tea

  • Fine whole leaf Ceylon Chai tea from the Kataboola estate harvested in the summer for a full body flavour. Located in the central province of Sri Lanka, it sits at an elevation of 1021 metres above sea level. Blended with cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, star anise, cloves and black peppercorns. Slightly sweet and spicy of course! 

    - Certified organic blend supporting small farms
    - Detox blend + Chai blends available
    - Origin: Sri Lanka 
    - Hand Picked
    - Use 1 tsp per cup, and brew for 4-5 minutes at 95°
    - 50g bag ( contains Caffeine )

    Slowing down and taking time to prepare this tea will be your ceremonious and relaxing little breather during hectic days. 

  • VRAC is all about tea and more precisely fine ethically-grown leaves, created by Pauline Maniere who hails from Bordeaux. At VRAC all the teas come from fair-trade plantations practising chemical-free farming. They are rare, sometimes unusual, always naturally flavoured and never grown in an harmful way for the environment.

    When doing her seasonal selection, the focus at VRAC, is on top quality, good ethics, rarity and natural flavours, all her teas are grown, picked and blended by people who care and for a majority are certified organic.

    Make time for tea, it is healthy, loose leaves will always taste better than tea bags and preparing it will be your little breather in the day. 

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